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Anti-static safety shoes-Xinlun style

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  1. Specification :
  Upper: Microfiber leather + mesh lining
  Midsole: 0.5 white polyester-cotton antistatic fabric
  Outsole: PU outsole
  2. Product introduction :
  This safety shoe is a steel toe cap that protects the toes, and the upper is made of white microfiber and antistatic polyurethane. It is formed by a casting process. The special 459 model AN1 standard steel toe cap is used. The steel head has a large internal space to protect the toes and make the wearer more comfortable. The upper is made of white microfiber, which has six characteristics of high water absorption, strong detergency, no hair removal, easy cleaning, no color fade and long life. The sole material is made of high-quality PU / PU polyurethane continuous casting, with low density, soft texture, good elasticity, comfortable and light wearing; it has good oxidation resistance, excellent wear resistance, flex resistance, and high hardness. And the use of high-quality anti-static agent to make the anti-static performance more stable, not only can eliminate the accumulation of static electricity in the human body and can also prevent electric shock of the power supply below 250V. And use 0.5 mesh anti-static fabric as a sleeve to better eliminate static electricity.
  3. Use environment :
  It is applicable to all places where static electricity hazards may occur due to static electricity caused by the human body (such as oil, chemical, coal, printing, rubber, medical, purification, electronics and other production enterprises)
  4. Method of use :
  Wear anti-static shoes should not wear insulated woolen thick socks and insulated insoles, anti-static shoes should be used on anti-static ground.
  5. Storage method :
  Store in a dry and ventilated warehouse to prevent mildew. Stacked more than 0.2m away from the ground and walls, and 1m away from all heating elements. Avoid contact with oil, acids, alkalis or other corrosive materials.
  Packing: Neutral packaging, 1 pair / box, 10 boxes / carton.
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Specification (Dimension unit: mm)
Yardage 35 36 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 44 45 46 47 48 tolerance
length 225 230 235 240 245 250 255 260 265 270 275 280 285 290 ± 5


Performance items Test Conditions technical parameter Guideline
Pressure resistance 15KN static pressure Inner shoe gap ≥ 12.5-15.0mm GB/T 20991-2007
Shock resistant   200J energy impact Inner shoe gap ≥ 12.5-15.0mm GB/T 20991-2007
resistance Temperature: (20 ± 2) ℃ Relative humidity: (30 ± 5)%   100KΩ--1000MΩ GB/T 20991-2007
Sole resistant to yellowing UV intensity 30W / m 2 irradiation 3h Minimum level 3.5 HG/T 3689-2001
Upper / outsole joint strength (100 ± 20) mm / min ≥4.0N/mm GB/T 20991-2007
Upper tear strength   (100 ± 20) mm / min ≥120N GB/T 20991-2007
Upper tensile strength (100 ± 20) mm / min ≥15N/mm2 GB/T 20991-2007
Outsole tear strength (100 ± 10) mm / min ≥5kN/m GB/T 20991-2007
Outsole wear resistance (10 ± 0.2) N vertical force pressing Relative volume abrasion ≤250mm 3 GB/T 20991-2007
Outsole folding performance Continuous bending 30000 times Incision growth≤4mm GB/T 20991-2007
Outsole hydrolysis performance Continuous bending 150,000 times Incision growth ≤6mm GB/T 20991-2007
Baotou corrosion resistance 1% sodium chloride solution ≤5 places, each place ≤2.5mm 2 GB/T 20991-2007


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