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By the end of 2005, the company new standard factory building officially opened, the flag contains Jing Rongchao net division, ancient Shield security protection, bat King shoe industry limited company. The existing production workshop is about 10000 square meters, the production line 8, with complete from design and development, needle sewing to the injection molding production capacity in tomorrow production are more than 10000 pairs.

We mainly engaged in "anti-static shoes; static clothing, anti-static clothing; anti-static finger sets; static bag material; anti-static hand bowl belt; anti-static foot strap; clean shoes; clean clothes; dust-free paper; dust cloth; sticky mat; sticky dust drum; ion wind guns; ion fan; ion stick; PVC gloves; latex gloves; clean gloves; steel toe safety shoes" products. Company respect "at ease"...... Jing Rong technology uphold the principle of "customer for this; the brand code of conduct; credit led; service for the first" business philosophy, willing to grow with each outstanding enterprises, and the establishment of permanent each wing relationship. My commitment to customers if: high quality, strong strain, fast delivery, good service.

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